Taily "Tilly's Story

Taily (my daughter) was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2014. She was about to enter middle school, when she started chemotherapy and had an invasive arm surgery to replace her humerus with titanium. After a year of treatment, there was no evidence of disease (NED) and she went into remission. In September 2020, she relapsed and lost her life to cancer after 18 difficult months. 

She had a natural talent for art, sculpting and being creative. She enjoyed journaling, music, driving and being around her friends. The nickname "Tilly" was given by her friends and being used as the name of our shop. I remember and honor her memory through crafting and find peace in creating items with love. 

Navigating grief after the loss of a child is difficult. I hope that by using my "do it yourself" (DIY) and creative skills, I can find solace and ignite the light to push through. My daughter's strength and perseverance is encouraging and she inspires me to be better. 

I am a bereaved mom.